Jennifer Ann & Chris Django play mantra and heart songs at restaurant the golden temple.

Jennifer Ann is a medicine singer song writer from Holland/USA with her roots in mantra and medicine music.
In her search for the medicine and healing powers within music. She follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music. This is the groundwork for her original songs that she is now sharing with the world. These new songs are a fusion of tribal music and folk/singer-songwriter blended together as prayers for a better world. She is a sound guide into your psyche, showing you a kind way to accept, embrace and come back into the center of your being. It is a great experience to be part of, you are welcomed to discover and find what it is that you are searching for, or what is searching for you.

Chris Django is a multi-instrumentalist, playing Gypsy, jazz, mantra, Klezmer and other styles. Being born in a musical family allowed him to playfully learn these various musical styles from a young age. After having to quit his PhD in Quantum Physics, because of a burnout, Chris stumbled onto a different approach to playing music. Experiencing devotional music, instead of performing. He noticed that this can have healing properties from an emotional perspective.

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